Areas of Expertise

Adam Tebrugge has been Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Attorney since 1999 and is an experienced criminal trial specialist. In addition to being the primary representation for those charged with a criminal offense in Florida’s 12th Judicial Circuit, encompassing Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties, he has served as co-counsel and consulted on cases throughout the state of Florida.

Tebrugge Legal’s areas of expertise include:

Appeals, Post-Conviction, Writs

Adam Tebrugge has experience in appeals, oral arguments, post-conviction litigation, and extraordinary writs.

Capital Trials

Adam Tebrugge has extensive experience in death penalty litigation and is fully qualified to work as lead or co-counsel in any capital trial in the State of Florida. Adam Tebrugge has also trained attorneys throughout the State of Florida on handling capital cases.


Adam Tebrugge has experience in all areas of criminalistics, including crime scene investigation and contamination, ballistics, toolmark identification, fingerprints, blood spatter analysis, gunshot residue and eyewitness identification.


In 1991 Adam Tebrugge litigated one of the first major DNA cases in the State of Florida. Since that time he has handled all types of DNA litigation, including RFLP, PCR, STR, mitochondrial DNA and statistics. He has examined and cross-examined experts from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and LabCorp, as well as college professors and other law enforcement analysts.

Tebrugge Legal can examine your complete case file and make specific recommendations as to how to proceed with discovery requests, motions, cross-examination and argument to the jury.

Forensic Pathology

Adam Tebrugge is well versed in all aspects of forensic pathology. He has an extensive library of forensic pathology texts and articles, and experience working in areas such as pathology, autopsies, neuropathology, toxicology, time, cause and manner of death, and related areas such as entomology and crime scene investigation. He has particular experience in the field of “shaken baby” and childhood mortality.


Adam Tebrugge has been involved in the defense of over 100 homicide cases.  He is prepared to represent clients charged with homicide. He also works closely with colleagues in their defense of clients charged with homicide and regularly offers assistance with research, arguments, crime scene investigation, witness interviews, or argument to the judge or jury.


Adam Tebrugge has successfully litigated many cases involving involuntary confessions, illegal arrests and other violations of constitutional rights. He has presented expert testimony on competency to understand and waive Miranda warnings.

Mental Health

Adam Tebrugge has conducted numerous competency hearings and handled multiple cases involving pleas of not guilty by reason of insanity, as well as presenting mental health evidence at sentencing. He has examined and cross-examined psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologists and other mental health professionals. He is familiar with all forms of psychological testing and has extensive experience presenting mental health evidence to judges and juries.


Adam Tebrugge handled his first capital case in 1991 and was the lead capital attorney for the Public Defender’s Office of the 12th Judicial Circuit for the next 17 years. He has extensive experience in all facets of a capital case, including motion practice, mitigation investigation and presentation, mental health evidence, preparation of a life history, witness interviewing, victim reconciliation, client relationships and plea negotiation. For over a decade he served on the Death Penalty Steering Committee of the Florida Public Defender Association and helped organize and conduct the annual “Life Over Death” training seminar. He is the author of “A Primer for Handling Capital Cases in the State of Florida” which was updated and presented to capital attorneys each year from 1995-2007.

These skills that Adam Tebrugge developed in capital cases also translate to any criminal case where sentencing mitigation is the focus of the upcoming litigation.

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